Setting up for Aviation

by Gabriel Leung

UNSW student & Basair Aviation College graduate (officially a Commercial Pilot Licence holder)

Alumnus of SIGI Learners (HSC Chemistry, Physics, English)

Chilling with the Cessna 206

How it All Took Off

Dawn breaks over Bankstown Airport

From what I remember, the idea of being a pilot sparked around the time I was in year 6. Although remarkably, some friends have told me that I had mentioned it in year 4! It wasn’t until I entered year 8 that I decided on aviation as my profession and so began my research of said field. I knew neither anyone nor anything of aviation so there was a lot of googling along with frequent visits to my high school’s career advisor. It was the least known occupation but there were leaflets of an aviation course at Griffith University. This sparked the realization that aviation courses exist in university but are rare.

Our FlyAway trip to Broken Hill and a QantasLink plane landed right after us
Night flying; that tube was me doing a fuel drain as per operating procedure

Further down the year, I attended a Career’s Expo where a flight school was advertising. We had a couple of chats and later into the week, they gave me the amazing opportunity to do my year 10 work experience with them and that allowed me to absorb the aviation environment and their means of operation.