OC Test Tutoring in Chatswood

1 out of 8.3 students will make it.

At SIGI, it isn’t zombie rote learning. We want students to enjoy the learning process.

Our top student came second in the OC Test in all of NSW in 2016.

In 2021, our top student scored 100% in the test.

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Sample OC Test

2021 Opportunity Class Results

55% Success Rate

Distinguished Achievers from SIGI & TPW
Han ZaoReading 50/50
Mathematical Reasoning 50/50
Thinking Skills 50/50
Junho LeeReading 49.32/50
Mathematical Reasoning 50/50
Ryan KwokMathematical Reasoning 50/50
Elliot YuanReading 49.30/50
Mathematical Reasoning 49.60/50
Han ZaoWaitara P.S.118.55
Junho LeeHurstville P.S.113.12
Elliot YuanHurstville P.S.112.50
Ryan KwokArtarmon P.S.110.78
Lucas JiangHurstville P.S.104.50
Travis PeiHurstville P.S.104
Cindy ChenHurstville P.S.98.87
Doris ChangHurstville P.S.98.8
Brian KwokHurstville P.S.
Summer Hill Reserve
Riley QiaoSutherland P.S.96.42
Jessica LeeWoollahra P.S.95.57
Georgia XuEarlwood P.S.
Reserved H.P.S.
Phillip LuuEarlwood P.S.
Reserved H.P.S.
Chloe ZhouSutherland Reserve89
Zara DiraniEarlwood Reserve89
Max DzarasovCaringbah North87.80
Carlson HuangWoollahra P.S.

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SIGI students who got into OC (2018)

1 %

SIGI students who got into OC (2010-2021)