Selective School Test Tutoring in Hurstville

1 out of 3.6 students will make it. 

There are more spots than the OC Test but the difficulty is the same. 

We’re not about zombie rote learning. We want students to enjoy the learning process.  

Our top student came 1st in NSW in 2015. 

In 2021, our top student scored 109/120. 

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Sample Selective Schools Test

2021 Selective School Test Results

74% Success Rate

Distinguished Achievers
Daria ChernykReading 50/50
Thinking Skills 50/50
Mathew QiThinking Skills 50/50
Iris BochenekReading 50/50
Joyce LiuReading 50/50
Cindy CaiReading 50/50
Eric ZouThinking Skills 49.03/50
Dylan Ju49.5/50
Selina FengThinking Skills 47/50
Kirby YanWriting 44/50
Ethan HeWriting 44/50
Daria ChernykCaringbah 109.27
Ethan HeNorth Sydney Boys106
Eric ZouNorth Sydney Boys104.50
Matthew QiNorth Sydney Boys103.57
Joyce LiuNorth Sydney Girls100.62
Iris BochenekSydney Girls , MLC100.21
Kirby YanNorth Sydney Boys99
Cindy CaiSydney Girls98.50
Eileen ZhangNorth Sydney Girls98.20
Selina FengSydney Girls98.16
Junyoung LeeNorth Sydney Boys97.77
Matthew CaoSydney Boys96.18
Sophie DuSydney Boys95.68
Dylan JuSydney Boys94.69
Oscar LuoSydney Boys93.47
Amy DuSydney Girls93.05
Sophia JiangSydney Girls92.68
Samuel ZhengSydney Girls92.68
Wen OuCaringbah88.18
Anabelle HoCaringbah , Sydney Girls Reserve
Joshua JinSydney Technical87.17
Jerry HanCaringbah85
Shaayan AhmedCaringbah84.36
Alex H.Caringbah84
Eric WangCaringbah 83
Lydia LuoCaringbah 82
Jimmy LuoSydney Technical82
Janice TeoCaringbah81.37
Eric ZhengCaringbah81
Maxwell JiangCaringbah 80.92
Oliver ZhuSydney Technical79.68
Audrey WangSydney Girls79
Riley FungTempe Reserve78.30
Vova GrebenetsTempe Reserve76
Raiid MasumHurlstoneTBA
Feodor PimenovCaringbahTBA
Chanelle LimNorth Sydney GirlsTBA
Jasper LiNorth Sydney BoysTBA

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